5 Reasons You Have Fleas

5 Reasons You Have Fleas In Your Home

Simple ways you can improve your flea control results.

Fleas are most active during the warmer months of the year, and we get called out to lots of people who can’t seem to solve the flea problems themselves. Below are the 5 common reasons why the fleas won’t go.

Your Vacuum – If you have a compact vacuum that you pull around with you and lacks a rotary brush, then you have a poor chance of lifting fleas in all stages of the fleas life-cycle directly out of the carpet and floor surfaces. 80% of flea control customers have compact vacuums.

Floor Boards and Laminate: The larvae develop in the gaps between boards and the gap between the skirting board and the floor. These are areas the vacuum will be unable to reach, and chemical control can prove difficult. Steam is your best option here.

Your Sofa – The sofa is almost always overlooked. Over time all sorts of dust and food residues collect in gaps beneath the cushions. Again, intensive vacuuming and steam treatment work well in most cases. The area beneath the sofa is another area that you should vacuum regularly.

Cat Flaps – Cat flaps that are no longer in use need to be secured, or you can install one with a collar key. Other people’s untreated cats are a major source of biting parasites.

Pet Flea Treatments – Many people, have fleas on their dog or cat because they buy flea control products from the store instead of the vet.  Modern flea populations show high levels of resistance to cheaper flea control products.

Flea control is not difficult, but it is sometimes time-consuming. Good housekeeping is essential. WaspKill UK with Simon Berenyi