What Do Carpet Moths Look Like?

Carpet Moth Control

Identify and Get Rid of Carpet Moths

The Carpet moth is among our most common but elusive insect pests. Not every home will have them, but those with woollen textiles, pet hairs or even dust deposits rich in skin flakes.

Carpet Moth Larvae

carpet moth larvae

Moth larvae are highly distinctive because they carry their home around with them.

These cocoons of silk vary in colour, often taking on the appearance of whatever colour carpet they are feeding on. Giving moths a natural camouflage and making them harder to see.

Adult Carpet Moths

carpet moths

These are also distinctive owing to their grey appearance with black spots on the wings. They are commonly mistaken for clothes moths, but they are golden in colour.

Moths are a sign of past activity and not a guarantee of current activity. Remember it is the larvae that do the damage and not the adults.