What Do Wasps Eat?

What Do Wasps Eat?

Wasps – It’s A Family Meal

Wasps eat many different things. The wasps we are most commonly aware of, are those that sting us, and these are the paper wasps.

Paper wasps are social insects and just like other social insects related to them (bees and ants) they harvest food to feed both themselves and the brood (larvae).

What Wasps Eat

Wasps feed on sweet products for their own sustenance and are often seen feeding on flowers and sticky leaf and tree sap deposits. It’s a key reason we use sweet products in wasp traps.

For the brood they act as voracious insectivores, collecting huge quantities of insects every day.

They catch insects both in-flight and on the ground etc, and once in their grasp they quickly overpower the prey and subdue prey using their sting.

Wasps Eat Only The Best!

Once subdued, they set to work, dissecting the insect. They discard the wings, legs, head and sometimes the abdomen. Only the richest protein sources are kept.

The thorax contains the most abundant protein source in flying insects and contains the fight and limb mechanisms.

The wasps return these body parts to the brood, who grow quickly on this high protein diet.

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