What’s Biting Me?

What Is Biting You?

Bites are never fun, and often get worse because your blood is usually helping the insect parasites breed!

Don’t wait for control to become necessary, be proactive because the longer you leave it the more expensive it can often be to solve the growing problem.

severe bed bug bites
Severe bedbug bites at a property in Bristol

The many different insects could be biting you! The insects that could be biting you include those that crawl and those that fly.

First, we should look at a few insect parasites that love to get a fresh blood meal from a host (the person being bitten or fed-upon!

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are easily the worst of a bad bunch. Not least because they love to feed upon you while you sleep. Bed bugs also like to feed on you at multiple sites in the same sitting.

The bugs do this by injecting a straw-like structure into your skin – puncturing it like a needle. Adult bedbug bites are often large, so they will continue to bleed after a feed.

bedbug looks like this – plump and full of a fresh blood meal.


Fleas are another interesting parasite that bites for that all-important meal of blood and the difference with this insect parasite relates to its feeding habits.

Fleas are more likely to bite in daylight, or during the day. Bites from fleas will very rarely bleed after the insect has punctured the skin.

Understanding where your fleas came from is a very important first step to effective control. The life-cycle of fleas will usually make them much easier to control than bedbugs.

It takes a few hours before irritation and terrible itching at the bite site raises your awareness that you might have been bitten.

Fleas bite, but rarely leave a puncture mark that bleeds that those of bedbug bites.

So fleas and bedbugs aside, what else might bite you? Here is a few more to keep you going.

Biting Midges

Biting midges (larvae develop in house plant pots – sink overflows or any other place where algae and other organic material survives, sufficient to mature the larvae.

Biting Midges are often only a few millimetres long.

Horse Flies

Horseflies have the most painful bite of any other fly in the UK

Next, we have those wonderful horse flies, deer flies, cleggs and generally large, silent and painful biting flies. The only way to avoid bites from these is to cover up as much exposed skin as possible.

What to do if you are bitten.

Bites are unpleasant but the results of severe bites can last a lifetime. many bites will itch so severely that they scar! Yes, that’s right, the bites will scar if itched to the extreme.

Some bites will also become infected with bacteria from the insect’s saliva and these can cause internal infection and a lump to develop in the skin that is always palpable beneath the surface.

The final concern is the risk of parasitic infection. Some insects can and regularly do transmit parasites, so never take a bite for granted, always keep it under close observation and contact your doctor if it looks like it is becoming infected.

If in doubt, call in a specialist pest controller to try and identify the cause of the bites. A professional inspection is always worth the cost!